Why should I use a Mac cleaner?

mac cleanerBefore you ask yourself what the best Mac cleaner is, you should wonder what it is and why you would need it. A Mac cleaner is a program developed for the optimization and cleaning of a mac computer. A computer whether it is running on a Mac or a Windows system needs maintenance. The crucial difference between the two operating systems is that a Mac computer does not have a registry. The Windows registry represents a crucial weakness potentially causing errors within all the Windows operating systems particularly if the system has been infected by malware. In that respect a Mac computer has not the same internal problems and threat exposure as a Windows computer. On the long run the need for using a mac antivirus will only increase. The increasing compatibility with Microsoft Windows related programs as Office, and other third party software from Adobe, makes a Mac computer more and more vulnerable. The relative benefits of using a mac cleaner for only cleaning a Mac operating system are trivial. The benefits should come from added functionality and security. A mac user should not use a traditional mac cleaner, but a complete solution which adds more functionality, utilities and security to the mac experience.

What are the best mac cleaners available?

As I stated previously, the best mac cleaner is a utility software solution which adds security features and additional utilities to a mac computer, to enhance the mac user experience. To buy or use a simple Mac cleaner is in my opinion a waste of money and time. Unfortunately, there are not many complete mac cleaners available which are able qualify my stringent criteria. I only found two solutions which are worth considering your time and attention:

The MacKeeper – a complete mac cleaner with an excellent mac antivirus module!

The developer of the Mackeeper has a long track record in developing mac utilities that add value. The MacKeeper contains a powerful virusscanner for mac which has been independently tested by  AV-Comparatives. The Mackeeper protects you from:

  • Mac OS and Windows viruses
  • Identity theft
  • Phishing attacks
  • Passing on viruses to friends
  • Fraud websites
  • Unsafe downloads
  • Threats from external devices
  • Email threats
  • Mac spyware
  • Mac malware

Besides from this, the Mackeeper enhances the mac experience with help of many other useful tools. In case your Mac ever gets stolen, the Anti-Theft feature will track its location and even make an iSight snapshot of the thief. Besides from this extra security feature, the Mackeeper contains 4 different mac cleaner engines for optimizing your mac computer.  For more information: What is the Mackeeper capable of? 

best mac cleaner

The Mackeeper has received many great reviews on international review sites as well on local software review sites in Europe. An overview can be found below this article. I would nevertheless refer you to my new article on this Mac cleaner where I have made a summary of all the international reviews you can find on the Mackeeper: MacKeeper Reviews – conclusions. If you are looking for a competitor for MacKeeper which offers the same kind of security, it will be very difficult to find one. The most recent I found, was the MacBooster 2 of Iobit. The latest version included a more extensive mac malware database. For more information: MacBooster Review.

A list with pure classical Mac Cleaners:

1. The MacReviver – the new mac cleaner of ReviverSoft. 

mac reviver mac cleaner MacReviver includes all of the essential tools to help you clean, optimize and maintain your Mac and restore its performance and stability. MacReviver also includes a bonus Anti-Theft Protection feature that gives you an added layer of security against the theft of your Mac. You are welcome to test it here: MacReviver download!

2. The CleanMyMac 2 of MacPaw:

best mac cleanersAn other great Mac cleaner is the CleanMyMac software of MacPaw. This software is very complete, but does not provide the same protection as the MacKeeper. The new CleanMyMac 3 is cheaper, so if you do not regard mac security as a big issue, I think you could have a better deal opting for this excellent alternative. You can check it out and try it for free on the MacPaw homepage. For more detailed information I recommend your read my review on the CleanMyMac2: CleanMyMac 2 Reviews.

3. Machanic  – the new mac cleaner of Uniblue.

4. SpeedUpMac – the mac cleaner of StellarSoft

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What to think about the SpyHunter 4 antispyware software?

SpyHunterI had some doubts about the SpyHunter. The SpyHunter Malware Security Suite is published by Enigma Software. Although the SpyHunter is growing in popularity, is the publisher relatively veiled in obscurity. Enigma is not a typical antivirus brand name and has not an established, impeccable track record like Kaspersky. Enigma Software has been accused of conducting aggressive advertising and has not issued the SpyHunter 4 for testing at AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. These facts are potentially problematic for the credibility of the SpyHunter spyware removal software. But the competition is fierce and competitors are known for conducting smear campaigns. So we should be careful to judge to fast. Let’s discuss this further in this Spyhunter review….

So, why is SpyHunter 4 very interesting? Why should I test it? 

spyhunter reviewSpyHunter’s popularity is based on some interesting facts. The SpyHunter is indeed a specialist and it does much more than just fuction as one of the best spyware removers. It is a complete antimalware and internet security package. In this respect, comparable with a complete internet security suite of a top-brand. SpyHunter is very effective in removing one of the most complex forms of malware: rootkits and ransomware. Rootkits are capable of avoiding detection by manipulating the operating system at base level and file encryption tactics. The SpyHunter is in deed one of the few specialist that is able to detect, obstruct and remove the activities of rootkits. Most antivirus products do not provide sufficient protection against rootkits and are not able to detect them, the SpyHunter does indeed an impressive job. Ransomware locks your computer and forces you to pay money in order to regain access.

spyhunter malware securitySpyHunter is Checkmark Certified by West Coast Labs and holds the Platinum Product Award. To receive this level of West Coast Labs validation means that SpyHunter has performed well in various tests that show what it can do, in benchmarking tests as well as real-world testing over time. Engima seems to have matured so that the SpyHunter is no longer considered rogue or suspect. According to Enigma Software the reputation of the company and software have been under attack. Misinformation on the internet with regards to Engima has created some problems for initial credibility of the SpyHunter antimalware software. According to me, Enigma Software has a point and the SpyHunter is indeed a very interesting alternative. I would consider my readers to use this software as a ‘second-opinion’ malware scanner, in particular if you are not using a premium internet security solution of a top publisher like Kasperky or Bitdefender.

spyhunter 4Another positive point is with regards to SpyHunter is the excellent support. SpyHunter does not claim that it can remove all types of rootkits, but provides remote removal support. Technicians can take remote control of your computer and eliminate the pest. This is a service which almost no other publisher provides.  It is an important added value that can save you a lot of money and time in case you are dealing with a complex malware like rootkits or even worse ransomware.

why is my internet so slow

Does my computer contain a rootkit or other malware? 

Recommended: free PC diagnose with SpyHunter  

download spyhunter 4

Spyhunter is OPSWAT Certified

SpyHunter 4 Testimonials?

spyhunter rewards

Looking for local and international SpyHunter Reviews? I have looked some up and yes, SpyHunter has received many excellent reviews on different sites in many countries. The most famous media channels that mention the force of the SpyHunter software are CNN, Forbes, Cnet, PC World, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, ZDnet….etc. But also smaller blogs in countries like Spain ¿Cómo funciona SpyHunter?, Brasil SpyHunter 4 France Critique de SpyHunter , Holland SpyHunter Recensie and Italy SpyHunter 4  make mention of this software. Also on Youtube you can find many reviews on the SpyHunter. 

Here is an example of a Youtube video that shows how the SpyHunter is able to find and remove the notorious FBI ransomware:

download spyhunter 4Spyhunter 4 review
Conclusion of this Spyhunter Review:

Enigma Software has published a very, very powerful malware security tool that is able to detect and remove the most complex malware forms. We hope the SpyHunter soon will be tested by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives so we can see how the SpyHunter compares exactly with the top of the line of the security software spectrum. I would like to know if  the Spyhunter can compete with KasperskyI’m still using Kaspersky’s software as my standard protection and I use the SpyHunter as a second-opinion malware scanner. Anyhow, the software has a vast amount of great media references and testimonials. Despite the initial hesitation, I definitely can recommend you to test the SpyHunter on your on system and use it as a second-opinion malware scanner. Something I forget to mention is that the SpyHunter is extremely effective in detecting and removing all kinds of adware.  Learn here more about the SpyHunter.


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Quick fix when internet is running slow

internet running slow fixNowadays Internet is an important part of a social life. We use internet more and more.
A lot of people notice that at first internet is running fast, but over time they notice that downloading a webpage or a file is not as fast as it used to be. In other words: internet is running slow.

In this article we are going to discuss what the possible causes are of making internet slow and how you can fix it. This solutions provided in this article are intended for computer users. So here you will not find solutions for a slow internet for mobile phones.

What factors makes internet running slow?

There are several factors in your computer that may affect the internet speed.
Most of the time internet related problems are caused the computer has not been maintained properly or because on the computer a lot of spyware or adware are running.  But a factor that can make your internet speed go down is a wrong driver update.

Limited free disk space makes internet running slow

All websites that you visit on the internet, all videos that you listen or movies that you watch are downloaded to your hard disk before you can see access them.
So to see the content of a webpage you need free disk space. These internet files that are downloaded to your computer are also called “Temporary internet files”. You web browser manages those temporary internet files, when there is not much free disk space left it will remove as much as temporary file as possible.

This makes your internet running slow in two ways:

  1. Temporary internet files makes a second visit of the same website faster, as the content of the webpage is already downloaded. So if all temporary internet files are deleted from your hard disk you cannot profit from this feature.
  2. If you are downloading a webpage or a file your computer is writing the data to the disk. As the hard disk is almost full, the processor must also be used to clean up temporary internet files, making your computer running slow with as a result a slow internet.

A clean disk is important, not only for a good internet speed also for a good PC performance.
You can read on the page: computer clean-up how to maintain your PC.

Wrong driver update

Which part of the computer enables you for getting data from the internet? You are right! A network card, which can be a network card for a standard Ethernet connection or a WIFI connection. Network cards are controlled by drivers, a driver is a small piece of software which allow the software to communicate with the hardware and from the hardware to the software again.
During software or hardware updated, like for example a Windows update, those network drivers can be updated. Normally an update has a positive effect, but it can happen that the new installed driver is conflicting with some other software on your computer (driver conflict).
When a driver is not working correctly the communication between hardware and software is not working fine, making your internet running slow.

Problems related to driver updates can be easily be prevented or solved by using a good driver scanner, like for instance PC Health Advisor. This software analyzes and detects driver conflicts and fixes them for you. You can make a free scan of your system with Pc Health Advisor to see if your computer is having problems. You can download Pc Health Advisor here.

Hard disk fragmentation make internet running slow

Using the internet can make your hard disk fragmented? Yes! What a lot people do not realize is the amount of files that are downloaded when visiting one single webpage. It can be over hundreds of files, each file is a very small one, but at the end the number of files downloaded is enormous.

Computer clean-up.

These files, also called temporary internet files are created and deleted on a high frequency. And as you might know, creating and deleting files causes a fragmentation of your hard disk.
A fragmented hard disk makes not only your computer very slow it makes also internet running slow. Check out the page: computer clean-up, where you can find an explanation on how to defragment your hard disk.

Virus and spy- and adware

A famous internet speed killer: virus and or spyware. Everybody knows that a virus makes your internet running slow. But also spyware and adware are responsible for that, as those types of malware are sending constantly over the internet information about your computer or about your computer and internet usage. So it is important to have your computer free of any these kinds of malware. What can you to determine if your PC is infected? Download this virus scanner:  SpyHunter which offers a free scan.

In this article you have seen three possible causes that can make your internet running slow.
Most of the times you can fix the problem by cleaning up your hard disk. But sometimes the problems are a bit more complicated and you need a tool to fix your problem (a virus scanner or a driver scanner). If you still have any questions, please leave a comment below.

What is the best pc speed test?

A lot of people are looking for a PC speed test. The best PC speed test is developed by Paretologic in Canada and involves the installation of a specific program: the PCKeeper. This is complete Windows optimization software and is unique that it checks the internet performance and settings in detail as well and includes human assistance of Microsoft certified techniciens.

Iolo pc speed testRecommended:

A detailled PCKeeper Diagnostic System Scan!

But why are many people looking for such a test? You can define two groups: Best PC speed test computer fanatics who want to squeeze the maximum performance out of their machine and the second group which are people who have a computer with a poor performance and are looking for a solution. So we have divided this article in two parts: PC Tuning and Fix a computer that is running slow. It is important that you when you have a slow computer, that you fix this first. Because tuning of a computer with register errors or any other kind of problems is a waste of time!

PC speed test for slow computers

When your computer is slow you probably don’t need a PC speed test to know that your PC is slow. What you need is a PC health test. A test that indicates where the computer is having problems and how to fix it. A PC speed test only is of help to measure the actual PC performance to compare it once the computer has been tuned. If your computer is running slow, you will need to fix it in order to recover the lost performance. As said earlier a PC health test helps you to analyse your computer.

pc speed performance test For Windows systems: A very thorough test can be performed with the PCKeeper or Regcure Pro software.

If you are not convinced with the results you can test the Regcure Pro. It includes an excellent antivirus scan. This free test gives you an overview of found problems related to the Windows Registry, system driver, malware and hard disk. An other product that has quite a reputation is the System Mechanic of Iolo.

free pc speed test

Download a free PC speed test with Regcure Pro

download spyhunter 4

pc speed test

Do you own a Mac? 

Read the article: Why is my mac Running slow or check out the Mackeeper!

PC speed test to tune up the computer

Are you having an old computer and you want to improve its performance, than a PC speed test can be useful. Or you just want to optimize your computer to the maximum? Than you really should check out a tool like [speedtool]. [speedtool textonly=y] is software program that is capable to speed up a computer in a few clicks. So no hardware upgrades needed.

How is this possible? It is quite simple. The operating System of Windows is a standard package. Everybody gets the same installation; this means that Windows must be practical and useful for everybody. The result of this that in Windows there a lot of Windows services, settings and software programs running that you never use, it is just overhead. And this overhead consumes CPU and memory. By deactivating the overhead, apply an optimized configuration and by using some boost utilities you can win a lot in performance.

Perform a PC Speed Test and boost up your PC.

Download and perform a PC speed test with [speedtool textonly=y] and see how to boost up your computer performance, easy and fast.



P.S. Remember that PC speed issues could be related to almost undetectable spyware programs hiding on your computer, slowing down your internet connection and system performance. Besdies from this, your internet safety and your internet privacy is gone, an illusion. You need a specialist for detecting complex spyware. We recommend the Spyhunter. For more information:

If you suspect your system is infected, please, before conducting a PC speed test, scan your system for spyware.

Would you like to speed up your Android device? This is possible by rooting Android with help of a program. For more information: How can I root Android?

Facebook slow? Fix it in a couple of simple steps

Facebook slow?
Facebook slow?

Almost everybody has a Facebook profile where they share photos, videos and other stuff. When out of the sudden problems with the Facebook page arises the people are going to ask themselves: why is Facebook slow?

When you thing that Facebook is slow, you must start asking yourself some questions, like for example: are all webpages that I visit slow or only Facebook? Is it always slow or only occasionally?

All websites are slow

In case all websites are slow you do not have a specific Facebook problem. We can categorize the possible cause in two categories: computer performance issues or Adobe Flash Player issues. If all website that you visit are slow, the cause of the problem is high likely your computer. You PC could be infected by a virus or maybe it needs some clean-up or a software upgrade. See the article: computer clean-up for instructions on how to clean a computer that is running slow.

Another factor that can slow down Facebook is the internet plugin Flash Player. Which we are going to discuss in the next chapter.

Flash Player is making Facebook slow

Flash Player is a plugin created by Adobe. This plugin is responsible for showing games and videos in Facebook. So if you have some kind of problem with Flash Player the speed of Facebook will be bad. A good test to determine if Flash Player is damaged is by visiting YouTube. As I discuss in the article: YouTube slow, Flash Player is often the cause of a slow internet. Therefore visit YouTube and see if the videos are shown correctly and that they are loaded fast.

What can you do when Flash Player is making Facebook slow? That is simple: reinstall the plugin. Go to the Adobe web site and download the latest version. Uninstall Flash from your computer and install the version you just downloaded.

If Facebook stays slow, I have to remind you that 90% of PC and internet problems are caused by a lack of Computer maintenance.

[doctor title=’Download Pc Health Advisor, to check your system health and repair your damaged system.’ linktxt=’Click here and download Pc Health Advisor’ product=pc-health-advisor id=d1 desc=’Analyze your system with Pc Health Advisor’]
For more tips on how to speed up internet see: why is my internet so slow.

The importance of the Secunia PSI and OSI

Why should I use the Secunia PSI or OSI?

Secunia Online Software InspectorBefore I write about the Secunia PSI or Secunia OSI, I will explain something about Secunia. Secunia is a security company committed to protect consumers online and improve their internet security level and awareness. Since 2003 this innovative Danish company has distributed their very valuable vendor independent vulnerability intelligence for free in order to improve awareness about the risks about vulnerabilities.

In these days, internet security and malware issues have only become more complex and super powers are developing cyber warfare units while hacker groups like Anonymous are active to exploit vulnerabilities in order to hack systems, the need for online security and protection against the exploitation of vulnerabilities is undeniable important for everybody with a computer. It is one of the best internet security tip I could give to my readers.

Thanks to the efforts of Secunia we can enjoy a very simple online security tool for scanning your system for the most common vulnerabilities. This online security scanner is called the  OSI = Online Software Inspector . It will check if your PC has a minimum security baseline against knows patched vulnerabilities. We strongly recommend you to check your computer now with help of the Online Software Inspector or the PSI, the Personal Software Inspector.

What are the advantages of the Secunia OSI?

  • The OSI is extremely simple to use, it runs through your browser, this means you do not need to install software on your computer, saving you system resources.
  • The OSI checks if you system has all Microsoft patches implemented.
  • The OSI assists you in updating and patching your system.
  • The OSI check in total 100 programs on vulnerabilities and missing patches.

What is a disavantage of the Secunia OSI?

Secunia OSIThe OSI is an online security scanner which is not able to detect and verify all installed programs on your computer. In order to improve your security level and also to implement your patches automatically, you would need a more complete version of the OSI. This solution is called the Personal Software Inspector. The Personal Software Inspector is completely Free of Charge! Secunia has dedicated a lot of time and resources in order to develop this fantastic software everybody ought to use.

Therefore, if you are satisfied with the OSI, we recommend you to download the PSI from the website of Secunia: Secunia Personal Software Inspector.

How  does the Secunia PSI work? 

The Secunia PSI is a non-intrusive security tool. It works by examining files on your computer (primarily .exe, .dll, and .ocx files). These files contain non-specific meta information provided by the software vendor only. This data is the same for all users, and originates from the installed programs on your computer – never from their configuration.

After examining all the system files on the local hard drive(s), the collected data is sent to Secunia’s servers, which match the data against the Secunia File Signatures engine (https://psi.secunia.com/) to determine the exact applications installed on your system.

The Secunia PSI is the most complete and simple solution for assessing the security patch state of software installed on your computer. The Secunia PSI constantly checks your computer for insecure software installations, notifies you when an insecure application is installed, and is even able to roll out the patches on your computer. The Secunia is a must have tool for the improvement of internet security level of your computer and internet privacy.

Support the Online Security Level of everybody and share this page with your friends!

TIP: do not make use of a proxy list and surf the internet securely by means of a personal VPN software solution. Make sure your computer is not infected by malware. For more information:



BT broadband problems and solutions

BT Broadband problems.
BT Broadband

Do you have BT as broadband internet provider? Are you suffering specific BT broadband problems? Does British Telecom has specific problems that other provider don’t have?
In this article you will find easy solutions and resources when you are dealing with one of the most frequent internet issue: a slow internet.

Internet is of great fun, while everything is running smoothly. But at the moment that internet is running slow the real problems come to the surface. And in most cases the factor that is slowing down internet is not BT.  In a lot of cases the PC is responsible for slowing down the internet. This can happen when your PC is infected by a virus or needs an urgent clean-up.

So the first thing you should do is perform a computer clean-up.

Solutions for specific BT broadband problems

If you are convinced that you are having a BT specific problem, in other words, you are convinced that the problem has been caused by your internet service provider then I can recommend you the following websites:

  • BT offers expert help
    British Telecom offers several services that enables you to send your problem to one of their specialist. They have support phone, FAQ, customer forums and a lot of manuals.
    BT Online help, Video help, BT forums.

I recommend you to use the BT forum.
Use BT Community to solve BT broadband problems.Here you can get help by experts and by other clients of British Telecom which may have had the same problem as you. They are very fast in answering you and most of the time it is directly the solution for your problem.
Click here and go to the forum.

  • DSLReports
    offers a huge amount of information related to internet, internet providers and problems. I recommend you to use this site when you are facing problems that have nothing to do with your ISP.

Did I you know another great websites that helps to solve BT broadband problems? Please don’t hesitate and leave us a comment. We will evaluate the site and add to this page!

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Internet Explorer slow? Instructions on how to fix a slow browser

Internet Explorer slow?
Internet Explorer slow?

Are you using Microsoft Internet Explorer? Is Internet Explorer slow? Than this article may help you to find a solution. As with all computer related problems, when you want to solve a problem you have to start at the base: the computer health. When your computer is slow anything running on it will be affected and therefore also Internet Explorer will be slow.

So what can you do to check if your PC is in a good health and if not what steps can you do to improve it? In the article: computer clean-up you can find instructions and tips to improve your computer performance.

Okay, at this point your computer is running without any problems, but you notice that Internet Explorer is still running slow. What can you do to speed-up internet explorer?

Internet Explorer Slow because of toolbars

Do you have installed additional or third party toolbars in your Microsoft Internet Explorer?
Are you using for example the Google Toolbar? A toolbar that allows you to search for websites, without the need to go first to the website of Google. You can fill in the keyword direct in the toolbar and the results will be shown. Have you also the Bing toolbar and the Yahoo toolbar installed? Maybe any other toolbar? YouTube maybe? All those toolbars are very handy but it also has a drawback, it makes internet explorer slow!

I recommend you to be very selective in deciding which toolbar you install in your web browser. By disabling the toolbars you do not want to use anymore you could test if the toolbars are causing Internet explorer running slow.

A specific site make Internet Explorer slow

You also should check whether the web browser is always slow or only on specific websites.
I have seen a lot of people complaining that Internet Explorer is slow, but often Internet Explorer is not the problem it is the website that they are visiting. For example in the article: YouTube slow, I explain several possible causes which makes YouTube slow. The problem is not cause by the web browser at all. The same count for Facebook. In the article Facebook slow, you can find possible causes of a slow Facebook page. So it is important to determine if your web browser is constantly slow, or only on a specific website.

Add-ons that make Internet Explorer slow

Microsoft and third parties have created a lot of add-ons. You can compare an add-on with a toolbar. The main difference is that add-ons are normally not visible in the toolbar.
A good example of an add-on is Skype. When you have installed this add-on and visit a webpage that contains phone numbers, automatically you will have an option to dial this number via Skype. All these functionalities are added by an add-on.

So if Internet Explorer is slow, I recommend disabling all add-ons to see if one of those add-ons is causing the problem.

Deactivate functionalities in Internet Explorer

It can help to speed up Internet Explorer to deactivate some standard options.
For example you could deactivate the option Web Slices or Related links. If you do not use those features disable them.

If you are looking for more tips to speed up a slow internet, I recommend to read our main page: slow internet.

Problems with Virgin Media broadband internet

Virgin Media Broadband
Fix problems Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media Broadband exclaims to be the number 1 rated broadband provider in the UK. But what does the internet community think of that? And what can you do to solve problems?
One of the most common internet problems is a slow internet. This problem you can have with any internet provider, so it is not a Virgin Media specific problem. So what can you do to if you are dealing with connection or performance problems when you have Virgin Media as provider.

Action list when having problems with Virgin Media Broadband

Check your computer health:
When your computer is running slow, anything running on it will be slow. So also internet will be affected by a poor computer performance. If your computer is mess or is infected by a virus then the cause if to be found there. Virgin Media cannot help you to solve your PC problems.

You I recommend to check always first if the problem is not caused by your computer, before asking for help.

Perform an internet speed test:
When you PC is running fine, but you still have a slow internet, there are several things you can do to find help. But before asking for help it is a good idea to obtain some speed measurements. These measurements you can post with your problem description.
A website where you can measure your internet speed is: Broadband checker.

So where can you ask for help?
Of course the most obvious is on the help or community of Virgin Media. But if you are looking for an independent opinion we recommend the website: Broadband DSL reports.

Broadband DSLReports

On this website you can find not only evaluation of broadband internet providers, see the review of Virgin Media Broadband. But you can also publish your question on one of their forums: Overview forums Broadband DSL reports.

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My computer is running slow: easy fix

My computer is running slow! Help what can I do? In this article you can find instructions to fix a slow PC and make the computer faster. A slow computer is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. There are several reasons why you can get a slow computer, but the most common one is: lack of PC maintenance.

Mac or Windows PC?
Mac or Windows PC?

Depending on whether you have a Windows or a Mac system, the instructions to fix a slow computer are different. Windows operates in a different way than OS X.
In this page you can find instruction to fix a computer with Windows as operating system.
Do you own a Mac? Read then the article: mac running slow.

Cleaning up the PC is an essential task, to prevent this kind of problems. I am aware that cleaning your computer is a boring and time consuming task; also not all tasks are easy to perform. But it is really important that once and a while a computer clean-up takes place. Of course there exist software that can help you with these tasks. Regcure Pro is an excellent program that cleans, repairs and updates your system. Try and download Regcure Pro.

Why is my computer so slow? To determine possible causes of a slow computer, we have to discriminate three different types: a slow computer at start-up (boot is slow), slow PC when starting software or constantly having a slow computer.

Slow computer at boot time

When your computer is running slow a boot time, than it is important to know what is happing behind the scenes. At the moment the operating system of Microsoft boots, a lot of processes are started. The first thing that Windows does is, it loads its start-up configuration, a specific set of configuration retrieved from the Windows registry specifying exactly what services, software and drivers must be loaded.

Here can we identify three possible causes which might turn your PC in a slow computer.

  1. The Windows registry, the source where all system configurations are stored is too big; it contains some much information that finding the information needed takes too much time. And therefore the registry must be cleaned up.
  2. The Windows registry contains errors or is corrupted.  The registry must be repaired.
  3. There are a lot of start-up services installed in your computer. A start-up program is a third party software component that is started at the moment Windows starts, how more of these services are activated on your computer how slower he gets. Deactivating start up services is therefore needed.

As you may have noticed, the Windows registry plays an important role. A lot of people compare the registry with the human brain. It is involved in all operations on your computer.

Fix for a slow computerCleaning and repairing the registry can therefore solve a lot of these kinds of problems. See for more information: Computer clean up.

Occasionally a slow computer

Do you notice that starting a software program takes more time than before? Or it seems to freeze your computer at specific moments? Than your problem may fall under the category an occasionally slow computer.

We can identify the following possible causes:

  • Your computer is infected with a virus.
  • Software / Windows registry errors
  • Driver issue

When your computer is infected by a virus a direct drop of performance can be noticed. It depends on the type of virus. Also Spyware or Adware can make your PC really slow. You can see Spyware/adware a lot in combination with your web browser. A lot of people download plugins for their browser, which are loaded with ads or buttons and stuff, which makes starting your browser time consuming operation. More information you can find on: internet slow.

As with everything that is running on your Windows operating system, the Windows registry is consulted all the time. To find specific drivers, paths, files user setting and much more. If you have a damaged Windows registry you can get all kinds of problems. Please check the page: clean-up PC for more information.

Another possible cause could be a problem with one of your hardware drivers. If you for example start a game, the system will load the drivers of the graphical card. When those drivers are not working correctly, or they are working with the wrong versions than you can have hardware performance problems.

Computer is always slow

When your computer is constantly slow, than you could have a combination of several problems. Because finding the problem can be very complex, because one problem is caused by another, I recommend that you start with a clean-up. If that doesn’t help, try a Pc clean-up tool like Pc Health Advisor. You can download it here and perform a system health scan.

[doctor title=”Perform a system health scan to determine the cause of a slow computer” linktxt=”Click here and download Pc Health Advisor.” desc=”Pc Health Advisor can indicate why your computer is running slow” product=pc-health-advisor].

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